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Planning Nano: shaking something loose


I suddenly wish nano was here already! The first paragraph of my story just hit me! I jotted it down, hoping it will shake something loose.

Almost. I almost wish nano was here. I’m still worried that I don’t know what Jade is running from. It’s like a quest in reverse, because she is running from something, not the classic running toward a goal. All my normal responses are out of wack because of it. O need to know what she is running from before I can work out her past *sigh*


Planning Nano: aim verses plot


Every time I write a synopsis for my nano novel it is so academic and like a critical analysis in its turn of phrase, rather than about the story itself. I keep writing the aim rather than the plot. My latest novel synopsis is:
To explore the disintegration of society and its adaptation (technological and behavioural) to a dominant environment.
The annoying part is I have a vague plot and can see the main character now, but I keep getting technical with my synopsis. It is like I am back at university and analysing a text.

Tomorrow I’m buying some A2 cardboard and mapping things out. It worked with my thesis *shrugs* hopefully it will with a novel too. I just wish I could hang a corkboard on my wall…