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AmWriting Links

TalkToYoUniverse: Hiding Information in Plain Sight: {link}
Zena Shapter: “Times have changed for fantasy writers… or have they?” {link}
Patty Jansen: “How the size of a planet determines its atmosphere” {link}
Stepcase Lifehack:“10 Reasons You Should Write Something Each Day” {link}
Patty Jansen: “So you want to be a space farmer?” {link}
Bothersome Words: “How stories are distilled” {link}
Erica Hayes: “Chapter breaks and pacing” {link}
Patty Jansen: “How to punctuate dialogue” {link}
Lillith Saintcrow: “Avoiding the ‘hard sell'”  {link}
Ripping Ozzie Reads: “‘Words’ a writer’s tools” {link}
Rachelle Gardner: “Myths About Agents” {link}
The Voyager Blog: “Emerging Writers: don’t give up the ghost” by Kim Falconer {link}
Plotting Made Easy: “The Complications Worksheet” {link}
Blood and Barricades: “Writing well versus writing (and tweeting) for the market” {link}
Blood and Barricades: “Bloggers, writers and ‘negative’ reviews” {link}
Patty Jensen: “What to put in a cover letter” {link}