Tangled Words is the writing blog of Zja Noir. It contains musings, inspiration, research and a variety of other writerly things.

Zja Noir is a 28 year old Aussie girl hailing from a number of different places. Her sense of identity is a bit mixed up but she has been known to say she is from the Central Coast, the Darling Downs, North Queensland, and now the Inner West of Sydney. She is a bush baby, a geek girl, an archaeologist, a receptionist (everyone has to pay the bills, right?), a sometime artist, a writer of sorts (for her enjoyment and catharsis), is into alternate culture, geek culture, world culture, environmental issues and social concerns. She spends all her spare time in tangled up in words. Sometimes she is reading, sometimes she is writing, sometimes she is blogging, sometimes she is just picturing words and playing with their assonance in her mind.

Zja reads paranormal romance, urban fantasy, romance, dystopia, erotica, epic fantasy, science fiction, dark fantasy and classic literature. She tends to write urban fantasy, dystopias and reimagine myths, legends and fairy tales.


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