Planning Nano: a dystopian for 2011?


I think i finally have an idea for nano! It’s based out of an observation I had when I went back to Toowoomba & saw how nature bounced back. My brother took me for a drive up through Murphys Creek and told me every family’s story and also a bridge he made after the flash flood. My dad later took me for a tour of our property post-flood and I saw how nature has already reclaimed the land. So I guess I am writing a dystopian this year. Just for me, nothing to do with trends. I love dystopia and have since I was a child. I don’t write for an audience & have no plans to publish. I don’t care if my stories ever see light & would prefer they stayed in the gloam. So, yeay, a dystopian nano for 2011! Now I just need to flesh out my ideas ^_^


One response to “Planning Nano: a dystopian for 2011?

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