Orbit Quest, Task 12 – Short Story

Task twelve of the Orbit Quest was to write a short story of 500 words or under. I did it at the last minute and this is what I wrote. Note: I still need to edit it, and when I do I may go over those 500 words. You get the idea though 🙂


This is the day I died. This is the day of my birth. To you those two statements may sound contradictory, but I swear it will make sense to you soon. I hope. I’ll start afresh.

I was a normal girl in a normal world; I would wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed and then go back to work upon waking again. Normal right? Except for today. 26 years of the mundane. Until today. I woke up and felt that something was different. I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly, but something just wasn’t quite right. I got up and went to work as usual, but it was like the very air itself was wrapping around me. Twining around my limbs, feathering around my face. Reality bending, turning itself in upon itself. My sight had two layers. There was the normal layer, the layer that means I started my day staring at my computer screen, and the second layer – the semi-opaque layer. A layer that was slowly suffocating me as it got closer and closer until it felt like it was digging underneath my skin, sinking down into my bones. As the day wore on, my chest started constricting, my laboured breath started to become more and more evident as the minutes ticked by. By lunch time I was starting to feel my skin itch. Like a buzz of electricity was micro-pulsing over my skin. My lank blonde hair was starting to fluff out. My bones started to feel like jelly, like the bones themselves were spasming, but at such a fine level that my bones weren’t visibly moving. I was really starting to feel disturbed. I was seeing less and less of the office. It was like scales were growing over my eyes and I was having trouble seeing through them. I knocked on my supervisor’s door mumbling that I had a headache and was going home. He didn’t even look up form his computer screen, just waved a meaty hand at me, making a shooing motion.

On the busy street people kept bumping into me, not even saying sorry, just grimacing and hurrying on towards their oh, so important, destinations.

Feeling small and invisible I ran to the park. The trees signalled sanctuary. I could breathe. The buzzing on my skin got louder and louder until it felt like my teeth were shaking in my jaw. My arms ached with the humming of my bones and my head hurt from the static of my hair.

Suddenly there was a chime sounding in the air around me. At that second the buzzing, humming and shaking stopped. Instantaneously. For just a breath. Then with a sharp agonising pain, my skin sloughed away, my body fell to the ground around the bones of my feet. Just so much meat. Shocked, I stepped away from my body, and my bones went with me. I felt light and free.

Instinctively my lovely bone wings unfurled, and my new life began.


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