NaNoWriMo: FTW

So I may not hit 50,000 words on Tuesday, but I consider my Nanowrimo a great success. Especially as I spent a week sick and most of another week on holiday while my BFF visited me 😀 And no, I have absolutely NO idea how many words I’ve written! I am not typing it up, but hand writing, and I was spending too long counting.

The best news? I am already getting ideas for my next story! 😀 But I have to finish this one first LOL After November and Nanowrimo passes, I will be lifting my ban on reading urban fantasy and paranormal romance, because it is driving me crazy! It was so I wouldn’t be influenced too greatly while I was getting a feel for the plot. It is mostly in place now, so I don’t feel bad about it. I am very much looking forward to picking up my books again!


UPDATE: I decided to count my pages last night. I have been ignoring my word count because I don’t find it too important for my needs. I shocked myself when I realised it is somewhere between 10-13,000 words!!! o_O I say between that because I am not quite sure what the actual word count average is, but it is between 150-200 words per page. I am shocked! I had no idea it was up past 10,000 words! 😀 I updated my official count to 11k, but it is purely an estimate. I guess I should start typing that bitch up! And in typing it up, add more words LOL


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