An introduction to my tangled words

I have many names, some are real, some are assumed. The ones I answer to these days are Jacq, Zja Zja and obsidiantears83. I am a 20-something year old Australian, who loves words and the world both they and we inhabit.

I have started this blog because, despite trying to find a home for my tangled words, I have had nowhere I feel comfortable storing them. I had an account on deviantART and HumbleVoice for a while, but I know my poetry is not amazing, it just is. So I tried to find somewhere else to put them. This is the result!

As a disclaimer, my “poetry” are my musings. I love playing with words, I love speaking words, and my poetry has always been about the sounds flowing, not rhyming couplets. I tend to lean towards free verse and haiku for this reason.

I have a passion for free verse or open poetry, haiku, spoken word, Old English poetry and the Romantics.

I am keeping Tangled Words for myself, not an audience. If you stumble across this tango of words, I hope you like it.


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